Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My New Bling Pouch

So I have started on my new stitching project.
It will be a pouch to keep my silk fabric safe and clean.
It is in shades of gold, off white and browns, and will have
lots of blingy beads and stuff.
I pieced the fabrics together, made some bumpy bits,
and some prairie points.

 There are a few snippets of antique lace.
I have just started some buttonhole lace on the seams, but
haven't done any other stitchery yet.

 After the embroidery is done, I will add lots of beads and bling.

 These are some strips/bands that will go over some of the lace -
(more to come next time).
Happy New Year to all from Linda and Gabriel!


  1. Happy New Year Linda and Gabe!
    I am still not sure why your updates are not showing up in my blog roll but I just pop in once in a while and check to see if you have a new post.
    Looks like Gabe is doing great...such a beautiful guy!
    Hope 2015 is a wonderful year for you!

  2. I have loved seeing this evolve over on Flickr Linda, stunning piecing, embroidery, composition. And Happy New Year...Late!! oops, sorry x