Friday, December 26, 2014

Gabe Here . . .

Christmas was pretty exciting around here.
First of all, mom has been cooking and baking all kinds of stuff -
and I have been right beside her the whole time
just in case something falls on the floor.
We both like the floor to be really clean!

She put these silly reindeer antlers on my head.
I took them off right away!
I didn't want them.
She tried to talk me into it, but I just laid down,
no stupid antlers for me!
Then Aimee came for Christmas and there was LOTS of treats.
All of a sudden, the antlers weren't so bad.
In this photo, someone is holding a very yummy treat.
 In fact, I forgot all about the antlers.
Humans are really silly!
Merry Christmas, Love, Gabe

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