Sunday, December 22, 2013


Finally ready to start blogging again. Duke and I moved on November 12th
into our new place here, and I hope to share some of my decorating efforts (when I get some time to do them). Duke has settled in very nicely. He very much likes this place all on one floor where he can get to me easily, and doesn't need to sit by the stairs and howl. This is the first time in many years that I have lived with just one dog, and we are planning to keep it that way for awhile. Duke turned 11 on December 4th - he is quite the senior white-faced gentleman, but can still steal goodies off the kitchen counter.
This ceramic tree (made by my late mother-in-law about 44 years ago) and a wreath on the door are the extent of my Christmas decorations this year. I have had cataract surgery since we moved, on both eyes, the second one was done 9 days ago. Still blurry, and still putting in tons of eyedrops, but coming along. My vision has improved greatly. The surgery was so easy - only took 10 minutes - but the eyedrops!! Don't get me started.
Anyway, my new craft closet is all organized and I want to share!

I took the tiny second bedroom and made a craft closet!
The brown bins hold all my finished etsy stuff.
All my fabric is color-sorted. I am just so organized!
I know exactly what I have and exactly where it is!
(for the first time in many years!)

More stuff in the pull-out drawers.
Paints, brushes, teddy bear stuff, stencils, glue guns, glitter, soap making supplies, sewing notions, buttons, scrap fabric, you know, Stuff!

Across from the shelves are . . . shelves!
More sewing stuff and patterns.
The white cabinet with narrow drawers holds all my scrapbooking stuff.
(How many times have I said "stuff"?)
Behind the door - all my ribbons and trims.
Even the beads are organized!
So I exhaustedly leave you with best wishes for a Merry Christmas
 and a Happy New Year.
Love, Linda and Duke


  1. Awww, Duke looks so sweet. Your craft room looks amazingly organized.

  2. I love your craft closet!!! I want one. So happy to hear that you are settling in....x