Friday, August 10, 2012

An Experiment . . .

I've been looking at those Stampington mags . . . you know the ones,
where they take nothing and make art out of it.
So, since I have a bunch of "cutter" lace,
and a couple of thrift store shirts,
I'm trying an experiment . . . tell me what you think:
(nothing is pressed or finished, so bear with me).
I cut the long sleeves off, and cut the collar off into a V.
I sewed some lacy pieces around . . .
and some lace around the collar.
I sewed a ruffle around the bottom . . .
(close up of ruffle fabric)
The back so far:
I was going to sew lace around the sleeve edges.
So, what do you think??
Should I cut off the sleeves and make it sleeveless??
Remove the ruffle??
Add the whole mess to my UFO pile??
Have a great weekend, Love, Linda


  1. I think this will be wonderful....I buy the Stampington Mags when I come to the US...can't get enough of them.

  2. Oh I do wish you lived next door to me.
    I would LoVe to play and create with you, especially on this project!
    It is WoNderFuL!!!
    I am a bit burnt out on sewing, but not on designing and lay outs.
    It may be because my bobbin is giving me so much trouble.
    Your lace scraps and vintage doilies are absolute treasures.
    Thank you for sharing all the beauty and inspiration!