Wednesday, May 9, 2012

White on White

Here's an update on the next section of my white on white cloth. The classes I took can be found here at Karen's blog.
First is a piece of lace tacked to plain cotton:
and this is what I did with it:
I cut out pieces of the lace and inserted different laces in various places and added LOTS of French knots,
Above that patch is a "less busy part"
Julia was my grandmother's name. I'm going to put my other grandmother and my mother's names somewhere on the cloth as well.
Already working on the next section!
Love, Linda


  1. it's looking fantastic Linda.....I love how you are using your grandmothers and mothers name, connecting this piece to your female relatives.

  2. Simply all of the handwork you are doing on this Linda!



  3. Dearest Linda!

    I SO LOVE coming here to see that header of yours. That is your house? My goodness that is stunning. Thank you for visiting today. I was out in my garden all day long and so enjoyed it but now I am here to enjoy the company of so many kind bloggers. Yes, those horses are my passion, and thank you for commenting on them. HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY! Anita