Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Painting the House of Beautiful Dogs

I've painted inside.
Why not paint outside??
Thereby saving thousands of dollars
(better spent on vet bills.)

So, travel this journey with me. First, get the place pressure washed:
Removes mold and green slime from living in the woods.
Gets the loose paint off.
Vanquishes spiders, and other fauna making it's home on my home.

You need: 
Get the right roller for your surface. I got a fluffy one because my house is masonry.
The little bottles are mold inhibiter to put in the paint.
The hardest part of all of this was opening the paint can!!
The color is called Fresh-Baked Scone
Before . . .
More before . . .
The first coat goes on! I like the color!
Marley digs a hole to lie in.
And Sunny, preparing to step into the paint tray.
The vine has been trimmed back, I'm sanding the wall with sandpaper to get all the little pieces off.
Then the paint will be smooth.
First coat done on the front of the house!
Marley is bored. How about a walk . . . or a treat . . . or dinner!
To be continued:
Love, Linda


  1. teeeeheee..your pups are SO CUTE! WHat faces!

    Oh your beautiful home is getting a WONDERFUL facelift and will be so picture-perfect!

    HI LINDA! You want to participate in the Paris party????? SUPER!!!!! I will put you on my list! The "button" is the illustration I did of Audrey Hepburn with the balloons in hand and the little Eiffel tower in the background, with the dates of the party. That is all. Just link to my blog when you use it on your sidebar.

    COME BACK NEXT WEEK for more details! THANK YOU FOR JOINING! Anita

  2. oh boy!!! I think you're amazing!! It looks brilliant!

  3. wow ... i love the way you imply it's all so easy. you are doing a LOT of work and it looks wonderful.

    i love your helper-dogs.

  4. Hi there, I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your fur babies. Stop by and visit with Ms. Wilma sometime!