Monday, February 20, 2012

Cottage Garden Party

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for garden updates. To save heating oil this winter I'm not heating the greenhouse, soooooo . . . all the tropicals are in the dining room with me. I sit and sew under the banana, as it tries to crawl out of one of the skylights. "Honestly, do you really NEED a new leaf in February????" As  you might imagine a new banana leaf is quite a production!
Windy and cold outside, tropical inside, kind of nice.
In the spring, they go out to live on the terrace.


  1. what a nice sunny cheery room! You have such healthy indoor plants~I am jealous! To be in my house they must be able thrive on neglect:( so I don't own too many. Outside plants are whole different story....

  2. I would give anything to have a plant room like that. Simply gorgeous. I would love to sit and work on art in that room. Very stimulating.

  3. Hi Linda, You made me laugh today! You see,I have a banana tree and everthing else I wanted to save from getting frostbitten, in my bedroom bay window, and this is a very small room in a very small home, a mobile home! I did not show how crowded it is! But the plants will sure be lovely on the patio and porch this summer, right? I wish I had a dining room! Iam so glad I "met" you at the ECS Garden Party today!
    I will follow you!
    Be blessed!

  4. I love the tropical feel! The plants are gorgeous! I love having lots of indoor plants, but my thumb is not very green. I am working on it, though. Maybe I will link up next month.


  5. Your plants are amazing! They look so happy to be in where it's warm ♥