Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create III

It's all just too exciting!!

For the third year, Karen from My Desert Cottage is hosting "Where Bloggers Create 2011," the 3rd Annual Blog Party, and has invited hundreds of women - and maybe a man, I don't know - to show their creative spaces to the world! Last year I wasn't blogging, only started in February when I started my Etsy store, so I missed Blog Party II, but have been looking at all the beautiful places featured in 2010. 

So without further ado, here's my creative space . . .

. . . Well, actually, it's my dining room. But since I live with three dogs, and eat all my meals in bed, my dining room has become my "studio." 
I make baby clothes, little girl dresses, fancy aprons, and teddy bears.
Same room, other angle - NOT a photographer, but learning.
I incorporate vintage linens into most of my creations.
Close-up of the mess atop the sideboard - vintage linens.
Some of my bonnets made from vintage hankies.

I've been collecting old linen for about twenty years, um, maybe thirty.
These cabinets are in my bedroom and the doors close
 to keep everything clean.
Sorry I didn't straighten up for you guys.
Some fancy aprons,
and a wedding apron in the creation stage.
My doggies: Marley (Davidson) and Sunny Joy
Cassandra is camera shy and is hiding in her crate, but I caught 
her photo a couple of blogs ago.
Making bears:
Some of my teapots. I also have tea parties in this room.
I'll share recipes sometime.
My closet in this room is bursting with yummy fabrics.
Course everything was on sale . . .
Thanks so much for visiting, I hope I make a lot of new friends.
Now, I'm going visiting, and for my friends who want to see some beautiful, creative spaces, click on the badge on the right.
Love, Linda


  1. Yes you do have some Yummy fabrics ~ of course, lovin' the pinks :) And that fabulous stash of vintage linens, Yummy :) The bears you create are just soooo sweet! I use to have to do my "creating" in our master bedroom, which wasn't much fun, as I had to get it all cleaned up and put away before hubby wanted to go to bed, lol :) Which wasn't an easy thing to do with fabrics and trims, etc... strewn all over the bed, lol :) Thanks for sharing your space you create your beautiful work at :)

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  2. Oh Linda! Your linens are beautiful...I love to see fabric out like this. Your space is so warm and cozy! I love it! Love your windows too! Great lighting for that creative spark!

  3. You have so much well-lit SPACE! And I love the baby clothes. I had a boy. Sigh. Don't get me wrong, he's the love of my life, but my husband put his foot down on sweet things.

    The teapots -- my adopted mom started me on an antique tea cup collection, and I have two teapots I bought in my travels to Korea and Japan. Love them!

    I hope you'll have time to visit my spaces...

  4. That's a LOVELY mess on the sideboard! You make beautiful things in a very beautiful space!!

    Thanks for sharing! This is my first year participating too ~ it's going to be a fun weekend of visiting everyone!!

  5. I love your studio! And your dogs! and that you eat your meals in bed! Especially love your artwork. Thanks so much for sharing. I'll be back in the future to check your blog. Loved the wedding apron :)


  6. oh my goodness, I love your space and your teapot collection! The vintage linens are so pretty and your bears are too cute :) Thank you for sharing!


  7. I enjoyed checking out your studio and really loved seeing Sonny joy. My golden is now 12 and starting to slow. Enjoy every day!

  8. You are very talented! Your sweet creations are beautiful... and so are your dogs!!! I am a firm believer in using our spaces in ways that work for us and not how they were "intended" to be used!! Thanks for joining the party and letting us have a peak!

  9. I would love to see your wedding apron when you're done! Have you thought about sending it into the magazine "apronologie"? I bet they would publish it! I love your space and all your wonderful linens. I love and hoard as many linens as I can! Come visit me if you can, at Lilly's Lace. xo-cindy

  10. Wonderful fabrics and linens - your baby bonnets are simply beautiful. And what a wonderful space in which to create. Of course, as a dog owner and lover I have to say how cute your dogs are.
    Thanks for sharing your space with us.

  11. Love all the fabric!!!! Your aprons are so pretty! Thanks for sharing you where you create!!!

  12. Oh my I would have such a great time going through all those linens!!! Love linens!
    wonderful space

  13. the wedding apron is so beautiful...

  14. Dear Linda Carole Bloom (love your name!)...

    What I wouldn't give to have those linens my friend. Simply beautiful!!! I love your space! Thank you so much for sharing with us all in blogglieland. I love your house, too!

    Blessnings to you as you CREATE with JOY! I'm so excited to be down to the H's!


  15. You have such a beautiful studio - and a beautiful house too I see from your blog banner! Thank you for the tour.

  16. Your aprons and your fabric stash are amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  17. Your collection of linens are just too fabulous to even think about. Just spectacular. What a lovely artform you do. Love your blog post, *smiles* Norma

  18. Wonderful well lite space to do all your creating in. Adorable teddy's and those tea pots...what a nice collection! Thanks for the tour!

  19. Your work space is divine! I love the natural lighting and what a plus to be able to look out into your yard; great windows.
    You're an amazing woman. You're a registered nurse and you find the time to garden, sew baby and children clothing, make T. bears and care for your four-legged babies.
    Your teapot collection is total envy for me! I have a collection of teapots myself, but yours are absolutely must haves!
    Your vintage textile collection is also fantastic. You have so much eye candy.
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful place, it was such a joy.

  20. Your linens and lace are simply beautiful. Love your creative space. I too am a teapot collector so I loved looking at your collections and also your adorable teddy bears.

  21. Wow, how very talented you are!!! Love the bears and the garden!!!
    And what cute helpers you have, woof woof.
    Your fabrics are amazing, crazy about the laces!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  22. Linda-Your dining room is a fabulous place to have a creative place - love that stained glass window! Your collection of vintage linens is to die for and your creative use them in your baby bonnets is so unique! Your special doggie friends are adorable - I know they are a big help to you when you are creating!

    I am a nurse also - neonatal for more than 30 years. I read in your profile that you were a nurse as well. (we certainly appreciate our days off don't we!)

    Thanks for your visit to my blog - it is wonderful to meet you!


  23. What a truely beautiful place to do your creating. I love all the precious things you make and that lace and trim is lovely. Your fur-babies are beautiful too. So nice that you have 3 to surround you while you create. Thanks for the tour and have a wonderful day. Angela

  24. That was a fun visit! Love the studio mascots!
    Thanks for the tour and for visiting me too!

  25. What a beautiful light filled room! How many of us can say we sew by the hearth?! Keep on collecting old linens for your beautiful creations! I stopped collecting for a while thinking I had so much but really, how many people are still making these kinds of treasures? Certainly not the everyday homemaker like the past.

  26. I love your teapots, a great workspace. Thanx for dropping by my place and I enjoyed my visit to yours.

  27. Hi Linda, just saw the comment you left on my blog. So glad I'm not the only one who is STILL trying to get through Karen's WBC's going to take me forever, because I like to dawdle on each and look at past posts. I knew I'd find a few people who are familiar with the old Daisy Kingdom! I have piles of old illustrations: lace, layers, frills, ruffles...I could draw them in my sleep! I love your fancy aprons. What a great way to incorporate old dresser scarves and such...I may want to borrow this idea, and use up some of my stash. Oh, and my mom was an the post on the hands! Thanks for visiting!


  28. Thank you for sharing your creative haven, that little baby dress is adorable! Such delicious linens and fabric you have! Have a beauty filled weekend.

  29. How on earth did I miss your blog? I thought I had been to every single one.
    Your dogs are adorable. And I love the aprons.
    I also took a spin through your blog. I'll be back soon.

  30. Your collection of linens is to die for! I love how you converted your dining room into your creative space so beautifully. Thanks for stopping by mine space:)



  31. Your room is so pretty, spacious and light filled.
    Love all the fabrics.

    And the things you have made.

    Pretty teapots.

  32. Oh, to have a big room like that just for me! What sweet pups you have and I love your tea pots too.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  33. Hi! I'm a teacher, so once I went back to school I had to stop checking out "Where Bloggers Create." Now that the dust has settled some, I found some time to do some visiting. My dining room became my studio too. Your work is beautiful! The teddy bear is adorable. Thank you for sharing your space.


  34. I love all the windows in your room! I always work at my dining table too (even though I have a room!). The dress & bonnets are beautiful!