Friday, January 1, 2016

Patty's Post

Hi, my name is Patty. I'm a golden retriever.
I came to live here last week.
I am 7 years old, and my whole life so far has been puppies!
All I've done my whole life is have them.
And my owner sold them to people who wanted puppies.
There were lots of other dogs having puppies there too.
Finally, I got too old and my owner gave me to the Delaware Valley
Golden Retriever Rescue. They gave me all my shots. Ow.
And they cleaned my teeth.
And they checked me all over and gave me x-rays.
I was fine.
Then they gave me an operation so I won't have any more puppies.
Thank goodness!
 So, last week I came here to live. I am not used to so much space!
Sometimes I just go around in circles!
There is another dog here named Gabriel. He is my "mentor dog."
That means he shows me how to live in a house, go potty outside,
and play with toys. I never had any of those.
I'm getting good at potty outside, but when it was raining
and mom put up the hood on her coat, I freaked out!
She apologized and put it back, so I saw it was her and it was ok.
I still don't take a treat from her, but she puts it down, and it
is usually cheese, so I eat it then.
I jump at loud noises.
Don't even talk about the Horrible Vacuum Cleaner.
But I have a nice cushy bed to go and sit in
when I get scared. It's my safe place.
And I do get back in the corner under her dressing table, that's my
other safe place.
Life has been wonderful these last few weeks!
Love, Patty

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