Friday, May 22, 2015

Gabe Here . . .

Haven't posted for awhile, but I've been pretty busy!
 First of all we got a new furnace! Here's a photo of the old one.
The man said it was from the 1960s or 70s.
It stopped.
 Here is the new one all wrapped up on the porch.
I didn't lift my leg on it.
I was not at all sure about the man. I jumped all over him.
And I barked. But he seemed ok, so I let him come in.
Then I helped him install the new furnace.
 I have also been helping mom with the garden.
I can't walk in it, she put up a little fence.

 I do want to catch a big fuzzy bee. I have been trying so hard.
Mom says "No" but I don't listen.
I did catch a big fly and ate it.
It wasn't very good and made me gag.
Maybe the bee will taste better.
Mom says if I eat a bee I will have to go to the vet. 
Mom and I have been sitting on the porch. I had a whole carrot
this morning and it was good.

So far I like spring here.
But I still want to eat a bee.
Love, Gabe


  1. where would you be without Gabe??? He's better than a butler!! I love those white flowers Linda....

  2. My dog loves to eat flies. I don't think it's the eating - but the catching that she likes. She did get a bee. It wasn't very tasty - took her quite a while to get it down.