Friday, June 20, 2014

Duke Here . . .

Our new place is not all that bad . . . we have a park where we walk
and I can check out where all the other dogs have been.
I leave lots of calling cards!
 Every night we walk to the mailbox and I poop on the neighbor's lawn.
Mom carries these little blue bags.
I love the porch. I have a long thin lead and I can walk everywhere.
Mom sits and sews and I nap, chew a bone or 
lick her leg. It's great together time.

She works on her flower beds too, and I love to lie and watch her.
 Sometimes she goes into the house and if she doesn't come out right away
I have to howl.
I get lonely pretty fast.
Sometimes I chew on the container plants when she is gone.
That helps her come out right away.
She planted a new white clematis that she loves
so I don't chew on that!

She always brings me a soft cushion to lie on,
but I don't lie on it!
I like summer so far!
Love, Duke

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