Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Trailer House

Here, finally are photos of my little trailer house
The top 10 reasons to live small:
 10. No basement or attic to accumulate "stuff"
 9. The opportunity to clear out everything I don't want or can't use.
Ending up with only things I love.
('Course, a lot of the rest is at Aimee's house now).
8. Taxes are $300. a year
 7. I can vacuum the whole place without unplugging and moving the cord.
Takes 30 minutes to clean the house.
6. One bathroom to clean.
 5. I am actually warm in the winter.
4. Duke likes it here. There is a park and a stream, hiking trails and walks.
And a pool.
 3. All on one floor. Duke doesn't have to sit downstairs and howl.
 2. A nice lot and big backyard, I can garden. There is a stream along the back
 between me and the neighbors.

1. And number 1. No mortgage!
Love, Linda

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  1. oh I love it.....and I agree on the no mortgage. we have been mortgage free for a couple of years and it is so liberating