Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pillows and Pages

Pillows and Pages - A new class by Karen Ruane
The class taught three pillows, plus some art pages the last week.
My first pillow was a pin cushion pillow in pinks and greens:
 My color palette was pinks and greens
 Pillow cover damp stretching
Lots of French Knots
All finished - the pillow folds in half and is tied with ribbons.
There is a hidden pocket in back, and the padded top
is for pin sticking.

The second pillow - same colors, but different fabrics -
with the addition of lace.

Below - the finished second pillow -
covered with tabs and buttons.
It's been really fun!

Love, Linda


  1. beautiful post Linda....the third picture don especially had me drooling!

  2. Love the second pillow! It's the same fabric as my kitchen curtains...Christmas will be on it's way before you know it! (Hint...hint!) Your best sister, Mary