Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More white embroidery . . .

I have made more progress on my white on white pouch
Here is a nice long line of bullion knots!
They are slightly easier than last week, and this frill is staying!
A decorated patch little enough for a pinky finger.
(complete with hair in photo!)
Some buttonhole lace on the seams,
And my secret patch! See the tiny patch sticking out??
There is another one hidden inside.
All stitched together, and you can't see the
secret patch unless you look inside!
Such fun! Love, Linda

Class by Karen Ruane at Contemporary Embroidery

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Embroidery Progress

I've been having a terrible time with bullion knots, which is a wrapped,
 loopy stitch, so pretty when done right.
Tonite, I emailed my instructor Karen, whining about the problem.
She had uploaded a video for another student
who was having problems as well.

I commented:
My earlier whiny comment about not being able to do bullion knots has disappeared, but not to worry. After watching the Sara video TWICE, I attempted again. And found: 1. Wrap thread singly, not on top of itself. 2. Put the needle almost all the way through before wrapping. 3. HOLD the wrapped threads tightly - don't know if this is proper technique but I use both hands and my TEETH to work this knot. (Holding the wrapping thread with teeth.) I guess you could say that this evening I am embroidering "tooth and nail." Pix of not the most beautiful bullion knots are posted on Flickr - next I have to work on spacing them - maybe toes.

So, although, I'm not using the approved stitching posture,
here's the result.

These will go all the way across the ruffle.
I'd better get busy!
Love, Linda

Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Needle Class

I'm taking a new class from Karen at Contemporary Embroidery
 called Simply Stitch
This is the foundation of my new "pouch" - it will be folded or rolled to contain something precious. It contains various white fabric,
 eyelet, and silver metallic tissue.
 I have added a piece of lace, and below I have added binding stitches to hold down the lace.
Stab stitches hold down the patchwork squares, which are embellished with French knots and pinwheels.

More next week.
Love, Linda

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Latest

I've made some hearts - now for sale in my etsy store.
And my lace piece from Karen Ruane's Lace Class is finally finished.
We made our own "fabric" from scraps and lace, then embellished
it with embroidery!
Working on a new project!
Love, Linda