Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Embroidery Progress

I've been having a terrible time with bullion knots, which is a wrapped,
 loopy stitch, so pretty when done right.
Tonite, I emailed my instructor Karen, whining about the problem.
She had uploaded a video for another student
who was having problems as well.

I commented:
My earlier whiny comment about not being able to do bullion knots has disappeared, but not to worry. After watching the Sara video TWICE, I attempted again. And found: 1. Wrap thread singly, not on top of itself. 2. Put the needle almost all the way through before wrapping. 3. HOLD the wrapped threads tightly - don't know if this is proper technique but I use both hands and my TEETH to work this knot. (Holding the wrapping thread with teeth.) I guess you could say that this evening I am embroidering "tooth and nail." Pix of not the most beautiful bullion knots are posted on Flickr - next I have to work on spacing them - maybe toes.

So, although, I'm not using the approved stitching posture,
here's the result.

These will go all the way across the ruffle.
I'd better get busy!
Love, Linda

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  1. please, please, please don't be so hard on yourself. I saw them, here and on flickr....they are great.....