Sunday, February 24, 2013


Sometimes change is subtle, like the change in the seasons,
when you suddenly notice the bite in the air has softened toward the barest hint
 of spring, and you wake to the high, faint sound of the geese coming back.
Sometimes change hits you over the head, and you find yourself in a deep river struggling to keep your head above the water.
Sometimes, it comes with a slow realization that the path is turning
and branching, and going somewhere else
and that this journey you thought you were on is not the right one
for you.
The House of Beautiful Dogs is for sale now
and the end of the path is hidden in the underbrush
but I hope you will come along with my dogs and I
one step at a time.
Love, Linda

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Little Corner of Nemo

Everybody braced for the big storm, people were driving like idiots, stocking up on water, milk, bread, and who knows what else,
 to survive Mother Nature's fury.
Meanwhile, I'm trying to get to work in one piece.
Light freezing rain drifted over Pennsylvania, gradually changing to snow.
People aimed their cars.
I made it to work!
Almost immediately, the hospital became extremely busy.
I didn't have time to think about the storm until morning,
 when I braced myself to look out the window.

We got 3 inches.

It was pretty though.
Sunrise at the house of beautiful dogs.
Meanwhile . . .
has acquired
a taste for literature.
Love, Linda

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Latest Dresses

I've been making some pillowcase dresses for summer flower girls,
and tea parties,
and just going for ice cream.
Each one is handmade, one of a kind, from a vintage pillowcase.
A Shabby Heart for Valentine's Day.
I tried a dove with sparkly beads.

All listed in my Etsy shop. 
What are you working on??
Love, Linda