Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our Little Corner of Nemo

Everybody braced for the big storm, people were driving like idiots, stocking up on water, milk, bread, and who knows what else,
 to survive Mother Nature's fury.
Meanwhile, I'm trying to get to work in one piece.
Light freezing rain drifted over Pennsylvania, gradually changing to snow.
People aimed their cars.
I made it to work!
Almost immediately, the hospital became extremely busy.
I didn't have time to think about the storm until morning,
 when I braced myself to look out the window.

We got 3 inches.

It was pretty though.
Sunrise at the house of beautiful dogs.
Meanwhile . . .
has acquired
a taste for literature.
Love, Linda


  1. 3 inches! You were underwhelmed!
    No, Duke, step away from the book!

  2. Well at least it's only one book LOLOLOL They delivered two very large (we live in Atlanta) phone books to my daughter's neighbor's yard and just threw them in a bag over the fence. Their two outside dogs had shredded them both into a million pieces all over the yard and just as that neighbor got home from work, it began to rain LOLOLOL Bet he wasn't too pleased but they sure looked funny with pieces of those phone books in their mouths!

  3. TOTALLY HILARIOUS! I love the dog pictures and the snow pictures. But the dog pictures said it all!!

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