Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My New House Is . . .

a Trailer! or Mobile Home!
(It's not mobile though)
Two bedrooms, one bath, living room, eat in kitchen.
The park is nice.
The yard is nice.
The trees/landscaping is nice.
The outside is well-kept.
The inside is EERRRRK!
Pretty awful!

So, I got a really good price for a fixer-upper.
You are invited on this journey as I
fix it up!

Before photos!
 Yow! Red floor! This jutting-out piece is called a "tip-out" in the living room.
(I'm learning trailer-ease)

 The plastic blinds are already gone - the walls are going to be "Swiss Coffee"
an off-white.
 Next is the kitchen - I'mmmm, going to need a microwave
mine is built-in.

 That cabinet at the end is coming out - my baker's rack is going there.
The tall cabinet is staying . . . for now.
 Yow! red walls in the dining end of the kitchen! I see many coats of paint
in my future.
 This floor is peel and stick . . . wood grained vinyl
Washer and dryer is in the bathroom . . . for now.
Duke is checking out the bathroom - the good thing:
somebody really cleaned!
The whole place smelled like Ajax!
Bedroom is an awful color with nasty carpet
Enough said
The best part of all . . .
NO mortgage!

Love, Linda

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