Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Updates and Progress on the Pouch

I am packing to move house.
What a challenge!
My house isn't sold yet, but I have bought a mobile
home in the town of Bath, PA
It needs work.
It is in a nice park on a nice lot.
So this blog may become
"The Trailer of Beautiful Dogs."
That is why my blogging has become sporadic,
but I hope to continue regular posting
in October or November.
I will continue sewing, cooking, lots of doggie pics,
as well as ongoing remodeling and decorating
of my trailer. It has nice flower gardens
which I will continue to expand.
So I hope you will travel along with me.
That said, I have a beautiful blue hydrangea
bush here.

So I took cuttings, so I will have lots of shrubs for my new house.
Here is the update on my needlework pouch.

I will keep you updated.
Duke is taking a sunbath.
Love, Linda


  1. Hi Linda. This is the first I have read that you are moving. It was nice thinking you were almost a neighbor. Bath is much farther away but lovely. Can you not dig up the hydrangea and take it with you, or do they not do well with being transplanted? I hope this is a happy move for you. It is something I would like to do, to get away from being in an apartment. Hate it!

  2. your pouch is evolving beautifully Linda and I can't wait to see pictures from your new home project.....that is really exciting. I'm also very happy to hear that your sister is going to be OK....