Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sunny Joy

I haven't posted for awhile, life has been happening at breakneck speed
but today I lost my Sunny, age 11
She had a rough start in life, having many many puppies
in a puppy mill, but was rescued from that life
at age seven, and has had a wonderful life since then,
filled with doggie companions, lots of hugs and kisses
and good things to eat.
 Here is Sunny right after she came to live with me along with Cassie and Marley
These were taken last year. She was the kindest,
 most forgiving dog I have ever known.
 Rest in Peace, Sunny Bunny!
Love, your mom


  1. I've been crazy busy too, yet something made me seek out your blog today. The world is a better place because of the love you shared. Love to you and yours, Sue

  2. Oh my...I have your blog bookmarked and enjoy popping in...The page that is bookmarked is "Remembering Cassie"..that is what always pops up when i peek in on you.
    Today I realized this is a new post and a new pup. So beautiful. An amazing face. I am so very sorry for your loss ...I just know she had an amazing life with you. That peaceful face says it all.
    Thank you for sharing...sending thoughts and prayers your way that you will remember her not only with sadness which is inevitable, but with great joy and peace.