Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Duke here . . .

Can you believe what mom THREW OUT???
A Peanut Butter Jar!!
I got it out right away!
Mom started to come and get it, but I growled.
(I wagged my tail at the same time to show no hard feelings).
Wow, there was LOTS of peanut butter in here!
 To get the good stuff all the way in the bottom,
 I had to make my tongue VEEEEERY LOOOONG.
 (I don't understand what was so funny to mom).
Finally I couldn't reach any more . . . now what??
I really didn't want to put my whole face in, but I tried and tried,
 there was no other way.
I really have to keep up on the trash inspections from now on -
I wouldn't want to miss the next peanut butter jar!!
Love, Duke


  1. Oh Duke, you precious boy! We Moms can be bad about throwing things out. You remind me so much of the Beagle boys I have loved (now at the Rainbow Bridge) and how they loved their peanut butter (but could always detect a pill in it). Ask your Mom to give you a big hug from me and if you want more peanut butter, come to Hatboro.

  2. I bet that face took some cleaning!!

  3. That is tooo cute!

    also i just created a new blog, it would be amazing if you could visit it and if you like it spread the word. thanks! :)