Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yet, More Cheap Happiness

This is the third (and last) post about Tammy Strobel's book "You Can Buy Happiness (and it's Cheap)". I wanted to talk about Tiny Houses. Some of you may have heard of Tumbleweed Houses which were created by Jay Schafer. Tammy and her husband live in a house of 128 square feet! Wow! When Tammy talks about her house, I just want to go and live there. Just imagine: no mortgage, very cheap heating and electricity bills, 15 minutes to clean the house, etc. Some people even live in these houses with kids. AND solar power!
I'm not filled with the desire to keep goats and cows, although I would like chickens someday, and goats are awfully cute,
 but a lot of her suggestions hit home.
Create a detailed list of all the activities and what rooms you do them in. What rooms do you spend the most time in? What rooms do you never go into? (Why would you want to clean THREE bathrooms every week, unless you are a family of eight?). She says try closing of some of the rooms and see if you can do without them.
And suggestions for living in a smaller home: When you come home, put stuff away immediately. Make sure each of your belongings has a designated home. Have fewer, more multipurpose items. Why have service for twelve if your family is only one or two. Why indeed, do I have service for twelve - I never use the bottom plates! The most people I can seat is six at my table. Hmmmm. Why do I have two mixers??? One for each hand maybe?
Take advantage of vertical space. Well, I HAVE done that . . . for books. I never get out the stepladder and climb up there though. Maybe in a year or so this will be the Tiny House of Beautiful Dogs.
 Be sure to visit Tammy's Blog, Rowdy Kittens.
Love, Linda

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