Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Cheap Happiness

A couple of posts ago, I discussed Tammy Strobel's book entitled "You Can Buy Happiness (and it's Cheap)" She was talking about decluttering.
I have made slight progress. I have sold a bunch of stuff on ebay - good stuff too - but stuff I don't use. I have more listed. The wierd part is that I can't see any difference! The place looks just as full! What's that all about??

I posted about the more than 200 books listed on Amazon (and have sold about 50) and I can see a little space there. The trick is not to BUY more books on Amazon while listing mine! Naturally, I tell myself that I will resell it as soon as I finish reading it. They have SUCH good deals! Every friend I have knows enough to drag me past a bookstore. But, late at night, home, with only the glow of my computer screen . . . temptation takes over. (Cue dark music here.)
Anyway, Tammy has a few things to say about finances, and heaven knows I need THAT advice! (The dog pictures are to give you something to enjoy while I talk about the painful subject of finances.) One of the things they did was get rid of their cars and ride bicycles. Well, that's not going to happen here, But I CAN map out my errands and shopping and make one circular trip a week. And that is what I've done for the past two weeks. One trip for food shopping, going to the pet store, Jo Ann's Fabrics, the Wine Shoppe, and Staples for mailing supplies. Then, no more driving! It worked. I am about a quarter tank ahead!
Another thing she says is to use your credit cards sparingly or cut them up. I used to freeze mine in containers of water in the freezer, which is fine until you need to pay for a tow truck and find yourself sitting on the kitchen floor with an ice pick! I am down to one credit card at present, but am still paying off the cut-up ones! Check out books from the library instead of buying them. Yes. Well. Since I 'Told All' in the previous paragraphs, we know how I can improve on that one. Establish an emergency fund. I am really trying to do this by calling it a "Veterinary Emergency Fund." You know, when Himself, or Herself eats a plastic bag (or a hairbrush in our case) and you have to go to one of those Emergency Vets . . . (Five Hundred Dollars, now please). Even twenty dollars a paycheck adds up, and how can you call a pair of shoes on sale an emergency when those big brown eyes are looking at you??
Finally, she says to examine your attitude about money, and I found some food for thought in this one. What role does money play in your life? What are your guiding principles about money? Does your level of income define you as a success?

Have a great week, Love, Linda

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  1. money eh? Yes we could all learn something about cutting back....good luck with your efforts!
    I wonder do dogs cost as much as kids? probably....