Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You know you're a dogma when . . .

You know you're a dogma when . . .

You find a Kong under your pillow

You scrutinize pet food labels, know all the recalls, cook for your dogs,
and live on doughnuts and Lean Cuisine

You reach into your purse for a comb, find a Furminator,
and use it

You think four dogs is a nice round number

The dogs get as many Christmas gifts as the children

Your recipe box has a canine tab

Vacations are planned around where the dogs would like to go

You taste the dog biscuits first, to make sure they are ok

You call your dogs while at work and leave silly messages

You take a clump of dog hair with you when matching rugs, upholstery,
 curtains and car interior colors

You know that chicken-flavored toothpaste really doesn't
taste like chicken

Each dog has a seasonal assortment of leads and collars -
including the reindeer antlers

If you get another dog, you will need another bed

Love, Linda

Linking with Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage
('course Sunny isn't a thing, she's a person!)


  1. Hi Linda, This is hilarious!!!! Yes, I'm a dogma! I think about dark brown fur and rugs, and buy brown blankets for the car! And the picnic place I posted tonight was found only because we were looking for a dog friendly vacation inn. Now it's our favorite family destination. Our dogs truly are part of the family. And yes, I talk to mine, out loud, all day! Linda

  2. This is the sweetest post ever!!!! YOur pup is simply adorable..I can tell he/she is such a faithful friend..and that FACE and those eyes!!!!!

  3. Oh yes--this is me--and proud of it!! My husband says the dogs eat better than we do.
    This is true--I cook for them. Oh, and yes-they have more clothes / accessories than I do.
    Very cute ( and true ) post! Love that smile!! Aren't our "kids" wonderful!!


  4. Oh, I totally get it! I'm a dog lover and would do anything for my dog. Thanks for this beautifully written post. Sweet Sunny is so dear!

    Thanks for joining in this week!


  5. How cute! Love the "canine" tab in your recipe box! Of course, if dogs had their way, wouldn't all the tabs be for canines??

  6. Oh how fun! Love the fur matching idea-- I think that will work for cats too! Right now I'm a catma, but one day I plan to be a dogma too!!

  7. This is hilarious, and Sunny is adorable. Thanks for the smile.

  8. Your pups are so adorable! You can tell they have had the good life and will continue to do so forever and ever!!

  9. This is adorable. I'm going to send to my sis in law who is a dog lover like you!!! hugs, Linda

  10. GREAT post! Sunny is beautiful!! (and tasting the dog biscuits! LOVE THAT!)