Saturday, December 3, 2011

Third Set from Ornament Swap

Here is my third and last set of ornaments from the swap hosted by Cassandra at  An Artful Adventure. This set is from Mercedes at All Things Pretty.
First, was this delightful card:
Isn't she great? Inside, there were three packages The first was this lovely, sparkling angel.

Then this soft heart -
And last this darling Christmas stocking -

and inside, a sparkly surprise! This little wand -
Thanks to all my partner swappers, and to Cassandra for hosting this lovely Ornament Swap.
Love, Linda


  1. Oh, isn't this so lovely, so GENTLE!!!!! You know, my neighbor just gifted me about 100 vintage Christmas postcards that I am going to use this season in some capacity. Dearest, how nice of you to visit and remember that I play the harp! It is going well; I have to tune her however, for the cold weather and changes in barometric pressure cause the harp to BREAK those gut strings and wow, you do NOT want to be home alone when they break. It is an awful sound!!!!!

    Your world is lovely...enjoy your season of FUN! Anita

  2. Linda, these ornaments are all so lovely. It would be difficult to pick a favorite. I adore a white Christmas and your tree will be just beautiful!

  3. Thanks for visiting! I really loved reading about your harp therapy:)

  4. neat stuffs! i really like the socks with the cute star wand!:D

  5. These are so darling! I hope you have enjoyed this swap! Thanks so much for joining! :)