Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Trailer House

Here, finally are photos of my little trailer house
The top 10 reasons to live small:
 10. No basement or attic to accumulate "stuff"
 9. The opportunity to clear out everything I don't want or can't use.
Ending up with only things I love.
('Course, a lot of the rest is at Aimee's house now).
8. Taxes are $300. a year
 7. I can vacuum the whole place without unplugging and moving the cord.
Takes 30 minutes to clean the house.
6. One bathroom to clean.
 5. I am actually warm in the winter.
4. Duke likes it here. There is a park and a stream, hiking trails and walks.
And a pool.
 3. All on one floor. Duke doesn't have to sit downstairs and howl.
 2. A nice lot and big backyard, I can garden. There is a stream along the back
 between me and the neighbors.

1. And number 1. No mortgage!
Love, Linda

Friday, May 23, 2014

Duke Here . . .

I planned to write a snappy, brilliant post.
 But I was just toooooooo
 relaxed . . . zzzzzzz.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spring Flower Garden

I am making a white shade garden outside my trailer house
These were here already
 Green and white hosta, the holly, (which has a nest full of robin-blue eggs!)

and Duke, who is a good helper.
 I have added white bleeding heart, foam flowers and "Whiskey" begonias.

Rosemary and basil.
Below is one of the hanging baskets.

Some of the lilacs in the back yard.

 Thanks for visiting!
Love, Linda

Monday, May 12, 2014

Living Room

Some have been asking for photos of my new house. I finally
took some of the living room.
My sewing room is behind the sofa.

I got washable slip covers.
The rugs are golden retriever color sisal.
My what-not stand - done with Annie Sloan chalk paint and dark wax.
The library corner.
I put up my Edward Gorey prints on the walls.
Does it look like a trailer house ??
Love, Linda