Thursday, September 29, 2011

What the place REALLY looks like . . . and Cape May Part 2

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This is a shot of my dining room table this morning:
Let's see . . . purse, nurse jacket (forgot to throw it in the wash, ugh!), list, checks to deposit for the Golden Retriever Yankee Candle sale, patterns for latest sewing project, sewing machine, circular chair mats being made for a friend, adoption sticker to put on my car, and one of those super dooper (expensive) last five year halogen lights for outside. And instruction booklet for the chain saw my sister loaned me. All on top of my grandma's lace tablecloth. Until next Thursday . . .

On to Cape May, part 2;
Lunch at the Lobster House
Then we took a trip on the Marsh Skimmer to look at birds. Our fellow passengers were hard-core "birders." We found that they were anxious for a sighting of the Brown Booby.
(I kid you not!)
The bird that looks like Dracula above is a cormorant - I think that's how you spell it. They have no oil on their wings and after they dive for a fish they have to dry their feathers.
Below is Aimee with a starfish. LOTS of little wiggly things underneath that propel it along!
Well, back to the Brown Booby. Evidently this is a tropical bird and rarely seen in these parts and everyone was extremely excited about it. They are called Boobies (boobys?) because they were originally unafraid of people and could be easily knocked on the head and eaten for dinner. There are Blue footed Boobys as well. (I just have to giggle as I write this!)
And HERE he IS!!!!
He is really large bird and I love his yellow feet! They are webbed and he rocks back and forth to keep his balance. He was a "life bird" (which means seen once is a lifetime) for most of those present. He is expected to fly south soon.
Above the Pink House, Below Congress Hall.

The Inn of Cape May

Thanks for sharing my vacation! Love, Linda

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cape May

Aimee (my daughter), and I sneaked (snuck?) away to Cape May last week, where we enjoyed a few days of riding boats and walking the beach and shopping. We stayed at Poor Richards on Jackson Street. It is reportedly haunted by a former lady of the house whom you might find cleaning a room . . .
Our room was on the second floor, right. It was cloudy but the waves were beautiful.
The next day was sunny so we went on a whale watch. No whales but lots of dolphins. Every time I snapped a picture of a dolphin, I got another photo of water with no dolphin. (Those guys are really fast.)
See all the dolphins in the above photo?? No, neither do I . . .
Below, some of the houses along our street.
The following day we went on a walk through the wildlife area around the lighthouse. They were counting hawks, and had seen over 100 so far that day. We saw a frog and a swan.
It was beautiful and the temperature just right. Below, the largest thistle or pricker plant (don't know what the heck it is, but it looks prickery!) I've ever seen!
I'll share more next time, Love, Linda

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Won a Giveaway!

A wonderful package came in the mail today. I won a butterfly wreath from Tricia Fountaine from Conversation with the Muses. She did a wonderful write-up about me as well (I'm blushing), you can read it below:
I had my random number generator (my husband) give me a number between one and 55 (the number of people who are followers and who commented on the post).  He came up with 54.  This matches a wonderful woman by the name of Linda Carole Bloom.
Email ThiThe winner of the butterflyI had my random number generator (my husband) give me a number between one and 55 (the number of people who are followers and who commented on the post).  He came up with 54.  This matches a wonderful woman by the name of Linda Carole Bloom.

I went to her blog and was surprised that I had not seen it before.  I thought I had peeked into all of the "blogger creates" posts.  I am so happy such a lovely person won it.  Not only is she a creative person with a great studio she is also a critical care nurse.  She did the most beautiful post on nurses, photos of their hands doing their work, it brought tears to my eyes!  Please go and visit her blog, it is lovely!  Unfortunately I have had my share of family and friends in critical care and I understand as much as one can how incredibly important these amazing people are.
One of my friends who is no longer with us was in critical care for many months.  I made a wreath for her which then proceeded to circulate all over the ward and everyone had their pictures taken with it on, generating much laughter.  Soooo....  it is my wish that Linda wear it to work and see what happens.
Linda I will email you through your blog and get your address so I can send this off to you,  Thank you so much for what you do!  It is of such importance and value!  I would gladly make you a hundred wreaths for what you do!!!
Also thank you to everyone who came by for a visit and left such lovely comments.  You are all very special to me!
Blessings to everyone!!!

P.S.  She has dogs...  I hope they do not mind a few cat hairs.  Maybe she can tell them they are butterfly hairs...

Isn't that nice?? Here's the wreath in person:

Happy beginning of fall, Love, Linda

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Too Much Water
Everything is wet


Enough rain already.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gypsy Dreams Blog Party

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Gypsy Dreams Blog Party

My fringed shawls are sometimes called "piano shawls."  They are gypsy essence with the long hand-knotted fringe, and I literally spent my rent money on the first one I bought. I have five, all made of silk that dress up my little black dress or walk on the boardwalk with Tshirt and jeans, fringe swinging in the breeze. When at home, they are draped over tables,or beds. The poem is by Rie Sheridan Rose here.

Gypsy Song

Come and hear the tambourine,
Come and join the dance!

Spinning silks in shades of light
Velvet dark as shadowed night.

Gold and silver buy your future
Pasteboard cards with faded ink,
Caravans by campfires glow
Keeping secrets gypsies know.
Restlessly, we go our way
We were not meant for hearth or town,

Whirling dancers with eyes like jet,
Centuries have not tamed us yet!

                                                        - Rie Sheridan Rose

Pleasant Gypsy Dreams tonight.
Love, Linda

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finished Box and an Etsy Treasury Feature

I finally finished the collage box to keep my mom's tribute book safe and pretty.
First I applied a coat of gesso to make the wood smooth (I got the box at Hobby Lobby.)
I then applied two coats of the grayish ivorish paint used for the book, then one coat of matte art gel. Then I covered the top with a sheet of scrapbook paper with another layer of matte art gel over that.
I painted over the hardware because it was black and I wanted it to look shabby. Then I started layering tags (from Paper Whimsy).
And lace. And buttons. And more tags. And dodads.
Inside, I covered the top and bottom with scrapbooking paper and tags, dodads, etc. etc.
and it was done, TA DAH!!!
Love it! Here it is with the book inside.
I'm surprised it dried with all the rain we are having around here.
Also, my white plush bear was featured in an Etsy Treasury.

Third row, second bear.

Have a dry day, except you in Texas - sending thoughts of rain to you.
Love, Linda